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How the British Blockade Works

Chivalrous England

World War 1 Historical Information

The purpose of this website is to share with anyone who is interested in World War I, materials that I have collected for use in my classes. I’ve taught World History, American History, and AP European History in both college and high school. After thirty-four years of teaching, I’ve ended up with a lot of “stuff”.

I have been looking for a way to share the paper items I’ve collected without having to sell them. The articles, stories, and information listed on this website have been taken from out-of-copyright books, magazines, and pamphlets that I personally own. Content from the following sources is on this website:

History of Aviation
War Cyclopedia
Grace Harlowe with the Yankee Shock Boys at St. Quentin
A School History of the Great War

Click on the links on the side for further information and the content of these original World War I materials.

I also do a daily Podcast called History According to Bob.